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Copyright © 2001 by William J. Concevitch. All rights reserved.


If success or failure in your business depends on getting to the right decision maker and winning their trust, then Increasing the Odds: Sales is Not a Numbers Game will take you to the next level of sales performance. In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Lay the groundwork for unparalleled success in the world of selling

  • Dare yourself to be different than other salespeople—and win business by doing so!

  • Enter your prospect's organizations at a different level—and stay there!

  • Leverage each sales success into something even bigger

  • Create a situation where your competitors cannot compete against you

  • Realize the success you have only dreamed about until now

“This Book bridges the gap between sales process strategies and basic 'blocking and tackling.' It gives sales professionals practical skills that they can use everyday to close more business while building long-term customer relationships. The book's story telling style makes it easy and enjoyable reading. I would recommend it as a 'must read' to anyone in sales.”
Bob Kantin, President,
Author of Quality Selling Through Quality Proposals And Strategic Proposals, Closing the Big Deals

4.875" x 7", 100 Pages, Published and copyright by Mindset Marketing, 2001.

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